Internet Resources

The Internet provides us with an immense resource to nourish our spiritual life during these challenging times and to help us keep in touch with Christ’s church both locally and across the world. To help in this respect, a few trusted sources are listed below. Others will be added as and when.

A word of caution: internet searches may throw up the not so good along with the excellent, the slightly off-beam along with the mainstream and sometimes the ideologically perverse along with that which is theologically sound and trustworthy. A wide range of liturgical styles and practices will also present themselves.

Live Streaming:

In addition to the permanent live stream at the Bournemouth Oratory which allows you to make a virtual visit to the Blessed Sacrament, daily and Sunday mass is also being live streamed from various churches in our diocese.

Bishop Philip has also launched a livestreaming of his daily mass. A timetable and further details can be found here along with a link to further spiritual resources.

The Cathedral in Portsmouth is also live streaming its masses.

There is also the The Vatican youtube channel (English version) which allows you to join with and listen to Pope Francis.

The Catholic Directory now also has information on live streaming across the country.

The website has a very wide range of services that are live streamed ,not only celebrations of the mass but rosary, morning and evening prayer and much more.

Readings and Prayers

The Universalis app is excellent and to be recommended. It has all you need to follow daily and Sunday mass – all the readings and prayers. It also has the complete Divine Office of the church. There is a free version which will give you the mass readings on a particular day but, for copyright reasons, doesn’t necessarily have the same translation in general use. It is worth paying the one-off cost of about £20 for the complete version which you canthen  put on multiple devices. This does have the correct translation and more besides.

The following sites also have many useful resources for prayers etc:

Magnificat Offering free access at this time to their online version

Loyola press

Homeschooling ideas for our younger parishioners.

Thanks to Sara for finding the following:

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY FOR CHILDREN: Portsmouth diocese are offering the opportunity to tune in everyday from Monday to Friday for a Thought for the Day with readings and prayers especially geared for children. The ‘online gathering’ will last no more than 10 minutes.

FREE ONLINE RESOURCES: If you are looking for some catholic-based activities for children, the following sites are recommended, offering a wide range of free online resources.

MAGNIFIKID: Access ‘Magnifikid’ free online. This is the children’s edition of the popular ‘Magnificat’ (which is also currently free online). The children’s version is a weekly booklet with readings from the mass as well as prayers and activities for throughout the week.


Hymns are a valuable and comforting source of prayerful material. If you know a hymn you like, want to see the words of even hear it sung, google the first line and something will come up. Alas, for copyright reasons, there isn’t a single site that will list all hymns and give all the words.

It may help to know what hymns we might have sung. For Easter Sunday we would have sung:

                 Jesus Christ is Risen today

                 He is risen tell the story

                  Now the green blade riseth

               Thine be the glory

Other Catholic Resources. has a page of useful links to Catholic material and resources.